Mt. Pleasant is truly a Village in the City. There are many wonderful individuals here who
contribute to making this a wonderful place to live, play and do business.

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On Sunday, December 3, 2017 the Bancroft Elementary PTO and the Mount Pleasant Business Association jointly hosted the second Tree Sale and Holiday Party on Mount Pleasant Street.

From 10am to 4pm, Bancroft PTO volunteers gathered in the parking lot of McCormick Paints, a sponsor of the event. They set up the trees, wreathes, and other holiday decorations for shoppers. A sure sign of success was that by the end of the day, there were only a few left.

At the other end of the street, in the middle of Lamont Park, the Mount Pleasant Business Association and Mount Pleasant Main Street brought together neighborhood organizations and businesses together to host a Puppet Show, Face Painting, and an early visit from Santa Claus, with his friends, the Three Kings.

All photos © Rick Reinhardt 2017