Mount Pleasant
A Rich History

Mount Pleasant is one of DC’s most eclectic and dynamic neighborhoods. Nestled between Rock Creek Park and flanked by Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights, it's a community filled with hidden gems, storied histories and diverse cultures.  

Mount Pleasant Street, the neighborhood’s cultural and commercial heart, developed around a streetcar terminus in the early 20th Century and maintains a village-like feel.  It’s a street where neighbors are bound to run into each other and where small business owners know their customers’ names.

It's also a neighborhood with a musical legacy. From Country to Blue Grass, from traditional mariachi music to punk, Mount Pleasant has been the homebase for many innovative musicians and musical movements. Link Wray performed in the space that’s now Lamont Video. Bo Didley lived on Newton Street near where the Blue Sky Boys played inventive Blue Grass. Riot Grrls formed bands and made zines in Mount Pleasant group houses and bands like Fugazi and The Make Up practiced in an Irving Street basement.Today, you can find both live music and cool DJ's making music in a number of great Mt. Pleasant spots.

Well known for its Do-it Yourself spirit, Mount Pleasant has spawned a huge range of grassroots community projects and cultural movements. Mount Pleasant residents have built everything from an underground radio station to a solar co-op. In the last few years, Mt. Pleasant has been home to pop-up craft markets and numerous festivals.

Today, Mt. Pleasant reflects the wide range of diversity found across DC. You can find great Thai curry, amazing pizzas, Korean Bim-Bim Bap, a delicious vegan brownie, and a wide array of Latin American favorites all within blocks of one another. But it's not just the food! We have stores that offer the crafts of Africa and the Americas. Stroll down the sidewalk on a Thursday evening and you might just hear Zydeco coming from a Salvadorean restaurant.

To learn more about Mount Pleasant's rich history, you can walk along the village in the City Heritage Trail  created by Cultural Tourism DC's. For more information go here.